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          Things you need to know about flying to Buenos Aires

          Looking for information to fly from New York to Buenos Aires? Well, brace yourselves because this is where your search ends. WE are here to help you with everything you need to know. To top that off, we will also help you book your JFK to EZE flight tickets. If you are wondering how to go about booking your New York to Buenos Aires flight tickets then try no more. Just go to the flight search section and fill in all the details that are required. Once you hit the search button, you will see magic happen. The magic is in the best flight options we will provide to you.

          Even more magical will be the prices at which you will get these tickets. If that’s not enough to make you happy then wait. Wait till you apply the discounts from the offers & discounts sections. You will know why we are the best platform for cheap tickets to Buenos Aires. Add to this the constant notifications that we keep sharing with you regarding your New York to Bridgetown flight booking so you can avoid all kinds of last-minute shocks during your flight journey. From ticket booking to the actual journey, we are there with you all along the way.

          10h 47m

          It takes roughly around 11 hours and 20 minutes to travel in a direct flight to Buenos Aires. You can choose to book tickets in a connecting or direct flight from JFK to EZE depending upon your preference. Just share all the details and book your tickets within minutes!

          5832 km

          The overall distance that you cover in a JFK to EZE flight is a little over 5000 miles. Your flight experience will be nothing but pleasant when you book your New York to Buenos Aires flight tickets with us. This is because we are known to deliver only the best.


          Our prices are renowned all over the industry for being tailor-made to the budget that you are comfortable with. We help you get your JFK to EZE tickets at affordable costs. If that’s not enough, then wait till you see the discounts we offer, and you will book your tickets instantly!

          Exclusive deals crafted especially for you!

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          Perfect Flights From New York to Buenos Aires

          Be it any destination, any date, any time or even any cabin that you need, TripGoTo always has flight options! Be it, New York, to Asuncion or New York to Havana, we cover all the destinations that you would want to visit. That’s why we keep saying that we always have an exhaustive list of options for you. This is why our customers never go back to our website disappointed. They are always happy and smiling because we deliver the best experience at the lowest costs. Get your cheap tickets to Buenos Aires only with us because our team works day in and day out to get you the best possible flight options. For years we have been researching curating a pocket-friendly travel experience for our customers. That’s why years of effort reflect very clearly on the prices you see on our platform.

          Your JFK to EZE flight tickets could not be cheaper and you know it. We are the best in the travel industry, in terms of both prices and travel experience. With us, you know you do not have to compromise on anything at any point in time. Be it your seat selection or meal selection, we are there with you, making every step as easy as a cakewalk. While we are completely joking when we say it, it is true that our website is so user-friendly that even a five-year-old kid can use it to book tickets to wherever his/her heart wants. That’s why every time you think of travel, come straight to us!

          Frequently Asked Questions

          JFK is the code for John F Kennedy International Airport which is situated in New York. EZE is the code for Buenos Aires Airport. So, when you travel on JFK to EZE flight, you will fly out of JFK and into EZE.

          Mostly, you cannot escape paying the cancellation fee if you are cancelling your New York to Buenos Aires flight ticket. However, in the case of some airlines, you might not be charged the cancellation fee at all. This, however, depends on airline to airline.

          It usually takes around 3-4 business days for your refund on JFK to EZE flight ticket to be credited back to you. If you face any difficulty in this process, feel free to get in touch with our customer support team which is always available to help you out.

          It will take around 11 hours and 20 minutes to travel on direct flights from JFK to EZE. Connecting flights, however, take slightly longer as they also cover a layover on the way from JFK to EZE.

          Yes, there are multiple options for direct flights from New York to Buenos Aires. With TripGoTo, you will find numerous options for direct JFK to EZE flights at the most affordable prices. Some airlines that offer these direct New York to Buenos Aires flights are Delta, Aerolineas Argentinas and American Airlines.

          Yes, you will have to carry your passport as a mandatory document while travelling on your flight from JFK to EZE. This is because it is mandatory for US citizens to carry their passport while entering Argentina which is where Buenos Aires is located. But, as long as you possess your passport, rest assured that TripGoTo will get you the best options for JFK to EZE flights.

          The total aerial distance that you will cover while travelling on your flight from New York to Buenos Aires is around 5298 miles. However, the point to be noted here is that this is the distance for direct JFK to EZE flights only and not the connecting flights between both cities.

          There is no specific time that can be considered ideal to purchase JFK to EZE flight tickets. However, we can assure you that if you are planning a trip from JFK to EZE then the ideal time to visit Buenos Aires is from March to Mat and then again from September to November. This is when the weather there is ideal for tourists to enjoy.

          You can get the most affordable and cheap tickets to Buenos Aires on TripGoTo. We specialize in getting you JFK to EZE flight tickets at prices that are so low that they will be beyond your imagination. Not only that, we also offer amazing discounts, so you don’t have to flinch for a second while spending money to buy those super cheap tickets.

           The direct flights from New York to Buenos Aires are the shortest flights that you can get. Book them now with us!

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          We give you the best prices and you can be confident about this. Our team does relentless research to ensure that the flight options you get from us are not just suited to your requirements but are also affordable. That’s why we are the best place to get cheap tickets to Buenos Aires.

          Fast Booking

          We value your time and would not want you to waste your time understanding our ticketing platform. That’s why we help you get your JFK to EZE flight in an easy and time-efficient manner. This way you can get you New York to Buenos Aires flight tickets in a jiffy and go about doing your thing.

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          You can rely on us with your money and JFK to EZE flight bookings. We have years of experience which helps us curate and deliver the best New York to Buenos Aires flight experience for you. Add to this, the utmost caution with which we handle your money and you are good to go!

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          Our support team is always there in case you want to reach out. Be it any time of the day or night, all you need to do is ring us up. All your questions regarding your JFK to EZE flight booking will be answered within minutes so you can sleep peacefully.


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